The collar and cuffs: Should be smoothly finished, without any bends or pockets. The collars should

without any bends or pockets. The collars should have great points at the tips. Both equally collar tips should look symmetrical.C) The stitchings should run in upright lines. There should not be any loop formation long the stiches. Where there are parallel stiches, the distance between two lines should be the same along side the seams. men shirts in PakistanThere should not be any specific sewing thread protruding by anywhere along the seams, switches and button-holes.A good t-shirt will have a higher number of joins per inch (SPI). Typical standard formal shirts include 14 to18 SPI although a top of the class shirt will have 23-25 SPI. An increased SPI makes the shirt seem more elegant and enhances the life.D) Trims - Check that the labels, buttons and button-holes are sewn with properly. The buttons ought to be positioned at the centre of button-holes.2 . SizeYou need to know the correct collar size that fits you properly. Normally, the collar sizes are talked about in both inches and centimeters.3. FitShould you be have a slim, V-Shaped body and you like the top not to be too loose around the waist, try the slim-fit. A slim in shape shirt gives an free of 3 to inches width around the body contour. In contrast, if you are little endowed surrounding the waist, you should look for a regular-fit or comfort-fit (both will be the same) which gives some more free around the body contour, especially around the tummy. In this case, if you discover that while your collar and sleeve fit right, though the shirt is too tight with regards to the tummy or other places, it is best ordering a bespoke t-shirt, which means a tailored tee shirt made to your measurements.

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